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Our Values


Tuşhan Electronics is known for its commitment to sustainable development and fair business relationships. We manage our business processes considering environmental and societal impacts and continuously strive to act in accordance with sustainability principles.

Creating Value for Customers

By collaborating with our customers, we develop user-friendly interfaces in our final products. We remain open to innovations by closely monitoring market developments and aim to continuously provide added value to our customers.

Providing Reliable and High-Quality Products

We continuously update and improve our production processes to maintain the highest level of quality. By innovating in our products and adapting to market demands, we provide our customers with reliable and high-quality products.

Continuously Improving Customer Satisfaction

We aim to establish a flexible supply chain network to quickly respond to changing customer demands. By continuously improving customer satisfaction, we strive to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

Engineering and Quality Management

With our design and quality-focused engineering approach, we ensure consistent quality control at all stages of production. We integrate engineering and quality management to produce optimal results.

From Prototype to Complete Solution

With our expertise in the field, we quickly create product prototypes and develop user-friendly solutions through mutual dialogue with our customers. We offer complete solutions tailored to our customers' needs.

Material Knowledge and Logistics

With extensive knowledge of components and our advanced logistics organization for timely delivery, we provide reliable service to our customers.