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Backlight Panels

Enhance the Value of Your Products with Backlight

Electroluminescent technology is a fantastic way to combine unique design with practical backlighting in a single product. The distinctive appearance of bright phosphors provides users with a sense of high quality. Backlight technology, utilized in panels and keypads, is applied with high quality and vibrant colors.

Do you have questions about applying Backlight to your product? Get in touch with us, and we'll do our best to provide you with the necessary information.

Sleek, Flexible, and Lightweight

With extraordinary thin layers ranging from just 0.1 to 0.6 mm, it fits into virtually any design. Its flexible structure easily adapts to curved and asymmetrical surfaces.

Multiple Color Options

We can precisely determine the colors you desire. Natural phosphor color ranges between green-blue tones or white. By adding colored sheets or directly coloring the surface with transparent colored ink, we can create additional colors.

Asymmetric Design

If you're looking for highly specialized, multicolored lighting for your product, Backlight is an excellent choice. The evenly distributed light reaches even the smallest areas of the product and is extremely reliable.

Technical Specifications
  • Colors: Blue, Green, White
  • Other Colors: Custom paints and Transparent colors
  • Thickness: 1mm ~ 0.6mm
  • Operating Voltage: AC 40V ~ 300V
  • Operating Frequency: 50Hz ~ 2,000Hz
  • Operating Temperature: -30℃ ~ 60℃
  • Storage Temperature: -40℃ ~ 80℃
  • Service Life: Over 10,000 hours (with 5 hours of daily use; over 3 ~ 5 years of use); Half-life: 2500 ~ 3000 hours with continuous use for 24 hours).

Areas of Application

  • Backlighting
    PDA, cell phone, keypad, calculators, game controllers, watches, radios, clocks, call devices, and instruments.
  • Signage
    Emergency, road, home, building entrances and exits.
  • Switches
    Backlighting for membrane switches, home lighting switches.
  • Automotive
    Dashboard, Threshold Plates, Stickers, Pedals, Gear Knobs.
    Interior and indicator lighting, coach lighting, Warning lamp.
  • Architecture and Interior Design
    High-tech lighting, elevator lighting, emergency lighting on stairs.
  • Advertising
    Backlighting for advertising media, point of purchase displays.