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Company Profile

Your Leading Solution Partner: TUŞHAN!

Tuşhan Electronics operates with a young and experienced team in the membrane switch sector. Our company aims to provide the best products to our customers with principles focused on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. We closely monitor industry innovations, develop solutions tailored to customer demands, and produce high-quality products.

Firmly committed to our values, Tuşhan Electronics embraces sustainability, customer focus, reliability, and quality management principles. We strive to provide products that add value to our customers, prioritizing customer satisfaction. By manufacturing our products with the latest technologies, we aim to offer our customers quality and innovative solutions.

Aligned with our engineering and quality management principles, we work meticulously from the design phase to the end of the production process. By developing user-friendly solutions in collaboration with our customers, we aim to continuously enhance customer satisfaction. Leveraging our expertise in material knowledge and logistics, we maintain timely delivery and provide high-quality service.